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  1. I always thought a C2 had no power
  2. Testing the gifs addon :D :D
  3. Another picture test from uploads
  4. http://www.citroen-owners-club.co.uk/citroen/uploads/images/1615931628_150898124_10157607365351681_7608228526940304944_o.jpg
  5. Database fixed and software updated to a newer version.. the next step is not so pleasant,, I will now need to convert the database to a different version and then attempt an upgrade to the very latest version of the software. This type of update has worked on one of my sites but not the other so it is a 50/50 chance of the final update working, obviously I will do this on development area first.
  6. I am looking to update the forum software over the next couple of days as I notice the databases are having a bit of an indexing issue. I will repair the tables,, carry out a backup and then update the website, When the actual update is taking place I would expect downtime to be no more than an hour. I will also be adding cloud flair protection and Content Distribution, this should help improve speed and deter unwanted visitors. Cheers
  7. Due to problems with other sites on the server I have moved all the sites to a new server, hopefully this will not have caused too much downtime and the sites should be running normal soon. you may have to log out and back in to update the read topics vs unread. Cheers
  8. Not asked on this site for a long time so sorry here we go A good friend of mine and his wife are going to do the Snowden walk for cancer research as cancer is very close to their life as I am sure it is to most of us. Having someone taken from you and at an early age can be devastating and motivate you to do something to help, So here we go their target is only £200 and I would like to help smash that target if all of the sites, this and the sister sites can gain a total contribution of £600 I will also do it, (I will do it anyway) difference being is I will do it in fancy dress and
  9. I have edited your original post just to add some tags, this is just for the search engines to be able to grab the story better good luck with your pursuit
  10. Sorry all, it seems the database decided to crash, all should now be good
  11. Welcome aboard Double R, I am sure you will find a lot of useful info on site if not our members are usually happy to answer any questions.
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