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  1. update: alright, well maybe I'm a idiot....well not maybe I know its for sure.... I got this idea, instead of trying to jump start the car from another car, how about swapping out batteries. BINGO, the ds fired right up. BUT, now I have revealed a hydraulic leak. one of the lines that run under the drivers side of the car. I have the access panels off and I have the line identified but I need to trace the line up through the front firewall so I can dissconect it and find a replacement line. good news, it runs, bad news, its got a new problem for me to track down! oh well..
  2. Hi all. I have aquired a 72 citroen ds19 us spec and it is in need of repair but is in overall very good condition. The car ran 5 years ago and won a couple of car shows. I have it now and want to get it back the way it was. The first step is getting it running. The battery is long dead but when i jumper it to a running car to jump start it the car does turn over. All the idiot lights on the dash light up and the car does turn over. Problem is I dont have anything (spark) from the coil. I'm not sure how to test it but what i did is hold the main coil wire that runs to the distributor cap from
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