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  1. make sure before you drain the tank you lower the car to its lowest setting so most of the fluid has returned to the tank,you should cleen the tank filters before fitting hydraflush and again before refitting the new LHM after running on flush for about 1,000 miles regards malcolm
  2. usual thing that causes bouncy ride at normal ride hight is some or all of the spheres have lost there nitrogen(gas),i buy all of my spheres for mine and my customers cars from GSF (not the recon one)just the new AMTEC ones,GSF usualy know what they are talking about,also to check hydraulic fluid level put car up on its highest setting on level ground,wait for it to settle and with engine still running the yellow disc at the top of the float is the level indicater(not the gold one),which is ment to be between the two red bands on the clear plastic dome,the gold (copper)disc just conects theco
  3. hi Jason first thing to do is clean and gap the contact breakers (points) and clean the distributor cap,if the points are tarnished or closed up they wont excite the coil into life,i hope you have got conventional points and not casset ponit as the later are harder to check the gap regards malcolm
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