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  1. If anyone else has this problem a couple of cable ties to keep the clip together seems to have worked. My cable end is one with metal end.
  2. I have zx TD Volcane m reg :Please any advice very much appreciated. I have had a new clutch after clutch cable snapped. But another 3 times after this the plastic end has parted company with the pedal leaving me stranded. Is there a modification that can be done to stop this hapening ? I get the cable re-atached only for it to crunch off again. Such a small thing can give such bother !!!!
  3. I am so happy got the old girl patched up, new MOT ! But not without some mishaps ............. bonnet flew open when the guy from the body shop took it for MOT test took ages for him to get new bonnet and bash dent out on the roof. ............. was worth the wait........ but got to replace back wheel bearings at some stage and looks as it may be tricky........ any pearls of wisdom .,..... ???? :blink:
  4. Please can some one advise my hand brake should work but it does not ! Cable is good put new shoes on but nothing ! Could this mean I need new drums ?? Or could it be some thing simple ? :unsure:
  5. Thank You taking it to local body shop hoping it will only need a patch fingers crossed !
  6. Near Cardiff but willing to travel can you buy new ones ?
  7. Please does anyone know where I can buy inner wings for my TD Volcane ? I have googled but with no joy.
  8. I got the car and she looks a beauty runs and drives sweet, but it is the inner wings that are the problem I didn'96;t know a car had wings on the inside ! but told it is a major job hoping do be able to get it done cos I love it ! ( Every other part is totally sound ) perhaps they forgot to treat the inner wings ?
  9. Thanks again Colin OK will buy it and see how much to get the welding done (if it can be done) £150 the guy wants for it just got to get it home no tax or MOT.
  10. HI, Please does any one know for sure that an engine from an M reg "Volcane" would be the same as one in an N reg "Memphis" I got the Memphis and thinking about buying the Volcane for spares does this sound like a good idea :huh:
  11. Thanks for that ! Is that in adition to the warming plugs ? I have to let lights go out before starting up the engine. Will definately get it checked out though. Ruth :D
  12. Hi thanks for that, Have put new oil and filters in but still have grey smoke when the engine is started from cold it runs rough then after a few mins it seems fine. As I ran into the water straight after buying it I don'96;t know if it was like this anyway. Think I should get some one to look at it ! Any help greatfuly received.
  13. Hello ! I bought my ZX a week ago (TD) all fine really pleased with it hapened to be the day all roads flooded drove through engine stopped ! air filter on the TDs are very low. All seemed doomed. But got a hot tip push car backwards in 5th geer with ignition on and all water is pushed out. It worked car started in a huge white cloud, is running as well as before but when starting in the morning a huge grey puff of smoke shoots out. After a few mins everything fine. Any advice ?
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