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  1. Well I've gone and bought a 62 plate Peugeot 508 Estate . Got the 2.0 Hdi engine and 6 speed manual box , same as my C5. I'd like to say thanks to you all for your help over the years. I'll look in from time to time to see what's happening in the world of C5's I do have one question - I need to fit aftermarket parking sensors to the 508 - do I take the power feed from one of the bulb holders of the reversing lights or will I be able to get a feed from a towbar electrics socket (if I can find it) without throwing the electrical system into confusion ?
  2. £55 each for new tyres isn't bad Look up the price for 215 55 16's for a Mk2 and Michelins are £140 + !
  3. I'd take a chance on an E Bay sensor if it was mine.
  4. In 2006 when mine was new Citroen guaranteed the hydraulic suspension for 5years /125K miles. Don't knowm if this applies on Mk3 Exclusives but worth checking
  5. Can you get them cheaper from a Bosch servive centre ?
  6. I thought Citroen guaranteed the suspension for 5 years /125K miles ? They did when mine was new in 2006
  7. Strange thing is my tyres are wearing on the outsides which is the opposite of what I'd expect with negative camber . Not squeaking today now it's rained but I'll phone around for the bits I probably need
  8. My rear suspension is creaking . Worse in the recent hot weather ,.I can sit on the rear bumper and bounce the car up and down often without a sound but then sometimes as it settles after being turned off , it lets out a creaking sound. I've sprayed the bearing areas with WD40, chain lube etc and it stops for a few days Is there a test for worn bearings ? With the car jacked up and the suspension on high , I'm guessing the radius arm is under too much load to detect any wear Where's best to get the bearing kit?
  9. I was thinking he'd gone to Kwik Fit for his MOT ! I agree , just wipe down the struts and you'll be OK
  10. I should have mentioned that my speedo needle slipped on the new motor's shaft and I tried glue/loctite with no success .I thought the shaft might be cracked so I put 3 bits of heatshrink on it , one after the other , and squashed the end of the motor's spindle in the vice to make it flatter/fatter slightly .So far, so good
  11. It's not worn radius arm bearings , is it?
  12. Eurocarparts are doing 25% off 5 litres of oil plus a free filter You need to order online though
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