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  1. Hi All, Posted on the other ZX section, so apologies for duplication. The idle rate on my 97 ZX SX TD has moved from about 1000rpm to about 1150rpm. Happened about the same time as I hit a nasty pot hole. The engine might be running a little rougher but if it is, it's subtle. The same with fuel sonsumption - seems to be relatively unchanged but still checking it out. Any suggestions much appreciated.
  2. Hi All, Looks like it's been a bit quiet on here lately. All those ZXs can't have gone to scrapyard heaven yet, can they? Anyway, got an idle problem on a ZX turbo diesel. It's a 97 ZX SX TD, 170K miles. The idle rate has suddenly moved from 950-1000 rpm to 1150ish. The rev range seems spot on at higher revs so looks like the idle setting (or something that can influence the idle rate) has altered. It happened about the same time as I hit a particularly nasty pothole. Fuel consumption may have increased slightly, but can't be sure at the moment. The car feels marginally rougher, but again
  3. Hi All, My 97 ZX had a bit of bump with a brick wall. A small piece of the end of the impact absorber behind the front bumper has broken off. I can't find any reference to this as an MOT item, which seems strange given its safety function. Does anyone have any experience of impact/energy absorbers and MOTs or the repair of said items? Although the car is long in the tooth, I would like to keep it going a bit longer if possible. Bim
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