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  1. Hi, Tried the reset trick and seems to have worked thanks - may have been something to do with video as this icon was ghosted on menu before reset but now comes up as it should. It's running version 7.02 - is it worth upgrading to 8.31? I've found a download RT4-5_SW8.31.iso which I can burn to CD. How do I install it? Regards, Derek
  2. Hi Paul, I'm having problems with recently purchased 2007 C5 Exclusive - basically sometimes it works and sometimes not - just displays the Citroen screen. I haven't tried the Dark reset - seems to remember everything - radio presets, phone numbers etc so probably not the battery. Any ideas gratefully received. Regards, Derek
  3. Hi, Had many XMs but new to 2005 C5 diesel - 2.2hdi - as a car it's nice to drive and I've sorted most of the quirks and glitches except for the dreaded 'Depollution System Fault'. Yellow light only comes on at idle/start-up - will go all day down the motorway with no show. Doesn't affect the performance at all. Fault code is P0402 then after a while adds P0400 then to top it all P1352 and the lovely yellow light Here's what I've tried/checked - vacuum valves for inlet butterflys both work OK as does the turbo valve (disconnected them and brought up expected faults). Thought the EGR may be stu
  4. Hi, Does anyone know where the remote receiver unit is located on mk 2 XM?
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