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  1. xm wont start, engine not work, gas-stop system??? My central lock was suddendly start to work. Thats god but car wont run anymore. Is there some gas-stop systems or something, I dont have that keykodesystems, but is there some other securitysystems? Car is XM -90 2.0i berline. Gapump wont give gas now. I lock my car for the night and again same problems, want start running!!! At the first time I do everething I could, I studies and testing electric, and quite much other things but nothing happends. Then after 24 our standing that buster suddendly start and work very well....whats the proble
  2. HI! yes, there it is ! I try that box before buying....lock want work afterall. Try first before buying...Its quite big money, in finland 200€ if I remember right.... My c-lockproblem is in those doorlocksystems....suddendly it works again after 3 years! But, BUT car want start anymore!!!! Is there gas-stop system in my old car, -90 2,0i Xm, is there link between central-lock and gas.stop or something...it does not give gas from the pump now????
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