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  1. Good to hear you've completed without any agro. What electrics have you done?
  2. Many thanks for reporting back. Your findings about needing the car lifting high bears out what others have said. So finally are the brakes operating correctly now?
  3. There are several offers of Chinese cloned Lexia kits on ebay. Some appear to be better than others - even reports of some not working on C5 cars. Although I have no first hand experience of the company, this one always gets good reports. As an owner of a C5-X7 you should take a look at this topic. If you have recently purchased from a dealer, I would make it a priority to check the steering rack for fluid leaks. Several members of models dating from 2008 through to 2009 have reported having leaking racks.
  4. This is copied from the Citroen repair manual - unfortunately the diagrams won't copy so the numbers mentioned are irrelevant. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. Remove : The front wheels The front right and left hand splashshields The protective panel under the engine The ECU housing cover (1) Disconnect and remove the ECUs (according to option). Release the wiring harnesses. Remove : The exchanger outlet air duct ( 2) The air filter (3) box The air duct (4) Drain the gearbox . Unclip the tube , as "a". Remove the bolts (5). Move aside the clutch slave c
  5. Yes - I agree, it looks cheap and nasty. Especially if you like it nice and tidy under the bonnet. What looks like a hard plastic cover is on the Citroen parts diagram with a part number 0137F9.
  6. Pivot the mirror inwards as far as it will go along the top edge. Use a flat bladed tool between the lower edge and the mirror housing to release the retaining clip.
  7. From what I remember it's only necessary to remove the rubber hanger on the rear box whilst you loosely fit the side arm. I don't know what make of tow bar you have but they are all fairly similar. See the Witter fitting instructions here. If you are going to tow anything other than a light-weight trailer it might be a good idea to invest in a new set of bolts.
  8. Hello Darren. It's better just to have the one post on a problem - it helps keep all the replies under the one roof, so I've deleted your repeat post in another section. Hopefully Steve or Paul will be along shortly who may be able to help you.
  9. Here's how:- Know where you have your picture before you begin. Probably your picture library. Click within the box at "Reply to this topic" Go to bottom right and click "More reply options." When the new box appears type in your reply then in the "Attach Files" section, click on "Browse" Find the file where you have your picture. Click on it and find the picture file. Open it then click on "Attach this file." Note the limit on size. If it's too big it won't upload but you can resize it first.
  10. It's the air inlet temperature sensor. It's marked with a red arrow.
  11. Yes the inner cables are the same. The left and right guide tubes are different
  12. Did you have the slots aligned with the pegs on the backs of the pads? The outer cable shouldn't be fixed to the grommet on the guide tube. The hand brake lever should release on it's own without any help. Sounds as though the cable is binding on the guide tube. If you can withdraw the cables from the guide tubes by using some lubricant you may get away with just renewing the cables. Usually the cables won't pull out. You will have realized that the two cables and tubes are handed.
  13. One would have thought that the ebay item would be useful however andrew99 hasn't been back since he posted his question. But thanks anyway.
  14. So that's a happy outcome and glad the forum was able to help
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