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  1. Hi All, Going to be replacing my timing belt and water pump soon. 1.4 hdi 8hx engine 90k miles At the minute its still got the original Citroen long life coolant. Is it worth draining the system and refilling with fresh red antifreeze? Has anybody got a diagram of where the bleed screws are? Many thanks
  2. How long do the DMFs usually last? I get a bit of clutch judder when setting off but not every time. Also the occasional slippage but I can still get it to stall easily
  3. Thanks, I've got the haynes manual for the fiesta with the same engine so that'll give me some guidance.
  4. Hello, I have a C3 II 2010 VTR+ with a 1.4 hdi engine. It has currently done 89k miles. It is starting to get a little bit of clutch slip, it was a learner car up until 50k so it's probably due for a clutch. I'm a fairly competent DIYer so i'd like do give it a go myself. Has anybody done one of these and have any tips? Many thanks Will
  5. Apart from the airbag and the horn there is no electronics in the steering wheel. The ds3 one just has metal spokes so looks a lot nicer hence why I want to upgrade
  6. Hello Could anybody tell me if a DS3 steering wheel would fit a C3 mk II? I know that they are mostly the same car but I don't want to fall into that trap! Many thanks Will
  7. I have a c3 2010 and my gran has one 2014. Neither have undertrays so yes the dealers are telling you the truth :)
  8. Had a bit of a fiddle with this today. You can remove the air box without moving the engine, just take off the oil filler cap and be careful not to snag any fuel lines. Realistically the diesel filter needs to come off too so it would be worth replacing it if it's due. The valve itself its still not that accessible but I suppose if you have a citroen you'll be used to having to work blind! Also make sure you plug all the sensors back in or you will have an array of error codes!!
  9. Thanks for the detailed reply, very helpful. I'm going to France next week so i'll try and get it cleaned for then. Done about 150 miles today and the pollution error hasn't come back on - also averaging 68.8 mpg so i'm hoping it might've been a one off - still going to give it a clean though. I know on fiestas to get access to the back of the engine you just remove the windscreen cowl and windscreen wipers etc. Not sure if its possible on mine i'll have to have a look, it might be easier than removing the air box. I'll let you know how I get on and if I have time i'll try and take pic
  10. Thanks for the reply. For getting to the egr valve would you say its best to take the air box off? And if the egr does want to start giving trouble would you recommend getting it blanked off? My manual says that it doesn't. From what I gather there wasn't many 1.4's that came without it as it became mandatory shortly after the release, however mine was an early model. Quite pleased about it though because from what I read they can be quite expensive if not looked after!
  11. At the minute i'm thinking a problem with one or more of the glow plugs. Does that sound reasonable? And because it doesn't have a dpf is not too urgent that I see it it?
  12. Hello, Im looking for a bit of advice. My car is a C3 II 2010 model 1.4 hdi with 82,000 on the clock. Yesterday I started up the car, everything fine but a message appeared 'Anti Pollution Faulty' and the light came on the dash. I got home and looked at the error codes, it came up with P1162 and P1351. I cleared the codes of the ecu. I started the car a few times throughout the day all with the coolant over 20 degrees, nothing wrong. I started the car this morning with the coolant at 13 degrees and the error code P1351 came back on the ecu. If anybody has any thoughts/previous experienc
  13. I love how they've designed it so that you damage parts and have to replace them! Thanks for your advice
  14. Great i'll get it done when i find a large enough socket. Thanks for your advice
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