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  1. I would guess that the injector sealing rings have failed causing combustion gasses to be leaking past and then drawn into the cabin area when the fan is on........remove injectors, replace seals, refit.......sounds easy, takes about 4 hours to do
  2. Maybe a continuity check down the 2 wires that connect to the sensor..........from ecu to wheel.......see if it throws up a broken wire problem.
  3. Unfortunately the 'spare' dash must have had a higher mileage than the one you removed from the vehicle. Whilst plugging the spare dash in to test it may have seemed a good idea, it has downloaded its mileage into the main computer........you have then unplugged it, put the original unit back and the vehicle has uploaded the higher mileage now recorded in the main computer to the original dash. The only way you will resolve the mileage issue is to replace both the main computer and instrument panel together......from a model with a lower mileage. In addition you will need the fuel injectio
  4. Thanks for posting your experiences, glad it was a happy outcome
  5. You dont say if its petrol or diesel/engine size: Petrol every 80,000 miles Diesel every 100,000 miles You wont easily see if a belt has been fitted ......if in doubt get it replaced, its cheaper than guessing wrong.
  6. But he's got his dog trained to turn the switch http://www.citroen-owners-club.co.uk/citroen/public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif
  7. If you look at your Chassis number you will see something similar to this - VF7 ?? 4HX* 12345678 VF7 = CITROEN ?? = MODEL AND BODY STYLE 4HX = 2.2 HDI * = EMISSIONS LEVELS AND THE LAST BIT IS THE CHASSIS NUMBER My recomendation would be to only replace a Citroen engine with another from the same model and year, externally a lot of these engines look the same but from experience i can tell you that inlet and exhaust valves are likely to be a differnet size, camshafts have difrent cam timing and in some instances where emissions controls use drillings within the head to funtion you find the
  8. As i said previously the vehicle needs Spark, Fuel & Air to start: You only think its sparking because you think you can hear it sparking and you say you dont see the need to remove the coil/plugs to visually check. You then say that the Engine ECU is locked......according to the info in the BSI........If the Engine ECU is locked it wont be sparking, it also wont be supplying Fuel. If you can find the time can you remove the plugs, crank the engine over and physically see if its sparking, you will also be able to tell us if the plugs are wet aswell...... there is no point posting y
  9. No the gearbox will have to come out with it or be removed first
  10. Shouldnt rule out ithat the crank maybe damaged also, so engine would need removal to be able to repair. gearbox/flywheel &sump off, undo conrod bolts, piston and rod comes out through the top. 'new' rods wont be cheap, new big end shells will need matching to the crankshaft Changing the engine would be easier if you can find a good one correct for your vehicle
  11. kfk

    Tool Kit

    A wheel brace, Jack, sometimes a chock to stop the car rolling, a screw in toving eye,
  12. are those the cylinders that had leakage from the headgasket? Coolant leaking into the combution area will not compress......if this has occured its possible that the conrods may have become bent.
  13. the plastic end breaks because users pull them out at an angle and they become brittle over time.........they dont make one with a metal end. As far as replacing it goes......the old bit will probaby fall into the sump, if it does it wont cause any dameage or go anywhere so dont get stressed about it. If it gets stuck in the dipstick tube, it ussually means the new dipstick wont push all the way in.....if thats the case sometimes trimming upto a centimetre of the tip of the new one can overcome the problem withought resorting to spending loads of money at your friendly garage.
  14. Cant really offer much help except to scour the breakers yards and find a new harness, or cut the relevant connectors off a suitable harnes at the breakers yard and use it to replace your corroded one by soldering the wires.
  15. Yes! Doesnt matter what petrol engine you have its going to need a Spark, Fuel and air supply. So..............put the lexia away, and go back to basics.....lexia isnt helping you at the moment. See if you have a spark....if it doesnt have a spark, but lexia has told you the computer is unlocked, maybe the coil/wiring needs checking out............if you have a spark we know that the injection ecu is unlocked....and you have confirmed what lexia is telling you!, If you have a spark the next stage is to check if your fuel supply is good........tell me how you get on with the spar
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