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  1. It's a Lucas unit. The solenoid and immobiliser unit is covered by a thick steel plate that is secured by 4 bolts. 3 of them are sheer bolts and almost impossible to get to. The car is a 96 (P). Might even be a fuel pump out job realistically!!!! :-(
  2. Hi john Thanks for clarifying. That is indeed my next course of action. However, what a complete ass it is to get to the little bugger!!!!!!!! Once the security cover is off the pump it isnt going back on!!!!!! :-)
  3. Hi Paul. I don't think there is a camshaft sensor on the 1.9 td is there? And the crank sensor it purely for the rev counter if I'm correct?? Daren.
  4. Hi John, Thanks for the reply. So, does the car apply or remove 12v to the stop solenoid to stop it? From your response you suggest it applies it to stop the car, I would have thought it remove it to stop it?? Also do you know if there. Is a relay associated with this solenoid somewhere. I'm thinking that if there is this could also be at fault? Again, thanks for the reply Darren
  5. Hi I have a zx 1.9td sx. This car has never missed a beat but yesterday developed a very strange fault. The car always starts first time and runs as sweet as a nut. But since yesterday, once warm stops randomly, with no warning, no splutter just as if the key has been turned to the stop position. No warning lights illuminate, it just stops. When trying to restart it restarts, runs for approx 1 second and then stops again. It will do this for 2 - 10 times and then maybe run for 15 - 30 seconds and then stop again and repeat the start / stop process again. I have changed the fuel filter, replace
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