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  1. Under the drivers side floor. There is a flap in the carpet which you pull towards the drivers seat then upwards. This will then reveal the battery and some fuses
  2. Hi people, I took my wife's car to get the air con regassed as it wasn't working. There were no leaks when tested and it took the new gas fine. When the technician tried it, it still didn't get cold and he said the compressor wasn't kicking in. I have checked the compressor fuse and its fine so my next check is the relay but I can't find it in the manual. Can someone point me in the right direction? I have 3 relays in a box which is clipped to the fan cowling so I assume it may be one of those? Also my engine cooling fan doesn't work but as the aircon system has its own fans I assume this wo
  3. Hi all, I believe I have an issue with the fan switch on my C8. I've heard there are 2 different types which you have to identify first. Is this true and can anyone tell me where the switch is located please? Thanks Mike
  4. Hello, my wife's C8 is a 2003, 2.2 HDI diesel and the message check control appears on the centre screen. There are no other warning lights or issues with the car that we can find. Any ideas?
  5. Hi people, I've had various cars over the years but never a Citroen. Having a large family a C8 was a good choice as an 8 seater so here I am!
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