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  1. Ive bought a horn to change on my 2003 citroen c8 2.2 HDI because mine sounds like a mini or motorbike horn...but cant find it....I don't want to keep pressing it and annoying the neighbours so does anybody know where it is...Thanks
  2. Ok another question....after a short trip out in my car...when I stop and park and get out it sounds like ive got a motor running under the car...like a vacuum cleaner....it stays on for ages...
  3. Thanks again simple I will try to figure out how to clear them all as you said but still not sure how to....I tried one and it said cant...something about have to clear ECU I think. been on youtube but only things I can find on using it is how to install or update...not much on using it Steve PS sorry for late reply....the forum wont let me post on my mobile as I cant log in for some reason...ive emailed them but had no reply
  4. thanks simple i found 3 files missing in windows....downloaded and added them...all working now. Just connected it and run a diagnostic....shows loads of faults ( injection doors etc) no idea what to do with it all now though LOL said ive got loads of faults Just wanted to check if my partcular filter is any good or if its a sensor fault...found the problem with my reverse sensors though (although ive sorted already ) Nice bit of kite some how saved the info Im scared of breaking my ECU or creating more problems messing with it.... Ive some how saved the data (which is even more confusing) Can
  5. ok sorry about that...ive attached the screen shot My laptop was windows 7 but couldnt get the lexia to work so installed windows xp 32 bit (service pack 2) as this is all ive got. The lexia software was installed first then the diagbox which i upgraded as you said in stages to 7.62 The message pops up after adding the code on the drivers door. I got the lexia system that you said would be best (Full chip) it said.(photos attached) I havent opened it. Thanks....it seems to find the vin number ok so i think its a problem with windows.
  6. HELP Well still no joy...seemed ok so tested on my c8all booted up and found vin number ok....added code (which would only take a few numbers and no letters)then i got this message [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:134] this is driving me CRAZY. Ps i cant seem to add photos to this forum unless i add another vehicle...
  7. Name: citroen c8 2.2 hdi (2003) Date Added: 19 October 2015 - 09:11 AM Owner: stevestoys Short Description: None Provided http://www.citroen-owners-club.co.uk/citroen/uploads/garage_images/image_url-92969-1445242269_thumb.jpgView Vehicle
  8. Just bought a new wiper arm and blade and it's just the same. Won't clear middle of screen. The blade isn't flexible enough to bend over the curve in the glass. Is this another design flaw ? Anybody found a fix ? Such a nice car. So many problems. Even simple ones
  9. Well that worked....got the files as you said...and installed them in order to 7.62 and all seems good. the ones that came with the lexia must be corrupt....cheers buddy. Ill check out what it can do as soon as i get time.... Oh forgot to ask....will it find my vehicle or do i have to enter vin number ever time...???? it looks like it will search for it when i connect it cheers again mate... :D
  10. Cheers for that. As I've installed xp onto a blank hd and the diagbox 7.02 seems to be OK I'll try to follow the instructions to update as you said and I'll download these. I'll let you know. Your a star bud. Thanks
  11. I took the car back to the dealer I bought it off and he sent it to a local citroen garage to be regenerated. All seems OK but I won't know until I tow again which will be next year now and too late to fix . I've got my lexia kit but am struggling to get it sorted.
  12. Hi again HELP Now got the new lexia 3.... installed lexia program and then installed diagbox 7.01. after instal it seemed to remove lexia... then when i open it it updated to 7.02. All seems ok appart from some error message about dos (in french). I then tried to update to 7.02 to 7.06...half installs then goes off...then wouidnt run at all....after loads of messing i uninstalled it and just put 7.02 on ive not tried it on the car yet but will this work on my 2003 C8 ??? and if so do i need to enter the chassis number and the other number it asks for ??? This is soooooo confusing... HELP whats
  13. The reset tool is only cheap so codes don't relate to actual faults on car. I have had the diesel filter blocked message a few times weeks ago and that put the light on too. I think this message may have been disabled at the same time I had the tyre sensors turned off ( under warranty by sales garage ) but they never said. Don't even know if it's possible to turn off message from diesel filter blocked ? . No messages came up it or bleeps . Just engine light and crawl mode. I've got a lexia system coming soon pm I will check for stored faults then. Looks like it could be exhaust filter at fault
  14. Just took my citroen c8 2.2 hdi exclusive 2003 for its first towing test with my caravan. All went well . Loads of power until I got on motorway. Then as I got to a bit of an incline and give it more throttle the engine light came on and went into crawl mode. WTF. Been great before. No faults showed on screen . I pulled off motorway and reset engine light with my reset tool. Then about another 5 miles it came on again. What's going on. Tows really well but doesn't like motorways.
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