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  1. UPDATE Changed the airbag ecu with no problems did a recheck and same errors are present did try deleting faults but they would t go Still saying ecu internal fault any help please I dont understand it the new ecu come out of a Citroen c8 of the same year 05 only difference was the donor car was the exclusive and mine isn't
  2. Paul.h thank you for the very useful information I appreciate that as for the ecu from a scrappy does it have to be from a Citroen c8 or can one from a peaugeot 807 or fiat Ulysses be used or are they different and is there any number matching needed to get the right one
  3. Hi all quick update paid to have someone look at my car and instantly said the airbag ecu is at fault anybody got any information on where to get a replacement if I get one from a scrappy can I just replace with one that looks identical providing it's not been in an accident any thoughts on this
  4. hi coastline my c8 is a 2005 i have just replaced the deactivation switch with 2 replacements and still the same only electrical work done recently was changing the stereo to an aftermarket one but it didnt fit in the dash properly so put the original one back in everything else on the car works fine all stalks do what there supposed to only seats that have been taken out is the middle row and the bench seat at the rear for hoovering purposes
  5. Just a quick update just had some one connect a snap on solus ultra and did a code read and give me codes 111 and 74 does this mean anything to anyone also thank you routemaster for trying the link but I've tried it again and still getting 503 service temporarily unavailable I don't understand what I'm doing wrong lol
  6. hey paul.h thanks for the link but unfortunately it dosent work i get a 503 service unavalible message
  7. hi sorry been away for a while no pc but no paul didnt pay £135 for it got one from fleabay £15 so very happy now on to new issues
  8. hi all i am hoping to find some help with an issue i have a c8 2.0 hdi automatic and for the last few weeks both airbag lights are on permanently i have hooked my diagbox and the codes i get are as follows. P106F P1F4A airbag permanent fault ecu internal van interface not defined airbag permanent fault passenger airbag deactivation not defined i have tried finding these codes on the net but not finding anything is this possibly a airbag ecu gone bad or something much easier it dosent seemto point me in any specific direction so your help on this would much appreciated sorry for bad gra
  9. Coastline I don't have any problem with the revs at all car runs perfect just sounds like the starter kicks in when you turn the wheel left or right by quarter of a turn
  10. Hi guys as some of you saw I recently posted about a fusible,link problem which I have now repaired but I am now getting some odd noise I will explain as best I can what is going on as I am completely confused ok here goes I have a 2.0 hdi automatic now with the car in park handbrake on I slowly turn the steering wheel about quarter of a turn it sounds like the starter kicks in as soon as you left go of the steering wheel it stops what's stranger is if I do the same thing with the car in any gear it doesn't do it only when it's in park any ideas as I have never heard anything like this before
  11. Just as an update I have replaced the starter and also the positive lead from the battery to the fuse box under the bonnet and car starts and runs perfect
  12. Hi coastline thank you for your reply but it's not that cable I need to replace or repair its the main positive cable that goes from the engine bay through the bulkhead into the car and connects to the battery that's the one with the fusible link at the battery end
  13. Hi thanks simple glad to hear it wasn't too difficult to replace starter just hope somebody has some words of wisdom on the fusible link issue
  14. Hi guys and girls I have a c8 2.0 hdi 2005 diesel auto and recently had a problem where my starter motor failed and in the process blew the fusible link on the battery positive lead has anyone ever replaced either the whole lead or done a homemade repair if so any tips or ideas without paying £135 for a new lead thanks
  15. hi paul h my scanner is far from an expensive one but worked very well on all my other cars this is the one i have
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