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  1. Thank you for that. :) I also have another quick question. Does anyone know where I can get the drain plug (in case I need a new one) and it's seal from online ? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a quick question. Does the C1 petrol (Toyota VVTi 1 litre) engine's coolant drain plug use a sealing washer ? Thank you everyone in advance.
  3. Hi everyone, I have found the exact opposite with my 2007 1 litre petrol Citroen C1 I bought a few days ago. When I test drove it (before I bought it) a few days ago, I was impressed with it's comfort, road manners (I was expecting it to understeer) and the engine's ability to pull from low revs. At about 50 mph, it was pretty quiet and that was with the driver's window open. I haven't taken it to 70 yet but I'm sure it will easily cope with that. The clutch on that car was really light too. My one does have a minor water leak, but from what I have read, the leaks usually comes from t
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