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  1. Citroen C8 SX HDI 136 got this fault code on Diagbox P1443 Engine management ECU Fuel additive system additive adding pump short circuit to earth distant I presume its saying a bad earth?
  2. Forgot to say this started after spraying some wd40 into lock
  3. The front passnger door is not locking and can be opened from outside even though all other doors are locked, when I press the open door key fob function all doors unlock but a noise comes from the passenger door which obviously must be something to do with the fact it did not lock in the first place.
  4. The filter on my C8 2.0 litre HDI is one of those ones with the plastic top which is removed with the aid of a 27mm socket and my question is once I replace the filter cartridge do I hand tighten the top as I would a normal filter or does it have a torque setting while I am here am I correct in that the sump bolt is also tightened to 38Nm(3.0 kgm(22 ft. ib.))?
  5. Jeez I have bought my first diesel, A C*, never knew about Diesal addtive, maybe I should have to stuck to petrol cars as am i right that diesel additive done DIY.
  6. How does this device work, the ones on mine seem to be at the rear of the seat, that is if I have spotted the right thing it does seem however to have 3 sensors on the metal strip with wiring for each one, also still figuring out how to remove them to check it out.
  7. it is 17.8 gigs and downloaded while in bed, it runs on a virtual machine.
  8. I got this one in the end https://downloadworkshopmanuals.com/index.php/citroen but got to say it does not seem as good as an HTML one I had for my old Ulysee
  9. Sorry I misworded original post, the alarm does go off after a while but the light stays on
  10. Well got to drive the C8 today only for second time taking my son to college, he gets out of car and as soon as I set off the warning light and sound alert comes on because it says the front passenger seat belt is not fastened, thing is it now keeps doing this when I have no front passenger, how does one stop this apart from fastening seat belt for my phantom passenger, I cannot find anything in owners handbook.
  11. Hi I am just wondering which is the best workshop manual to buy for the C8 HDI 2.0 sx, i used to use the Peter Russex Manual and a disk manual for my old Fiat Ulysee, so probably thinking something similar, any opinions on this one please http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-C8-Workshop-Service-Repair-Manual-1994-2013-Wiring-diagrams-/322105759949?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 And also this one http://www.emanualonline.com/Cars/Citroen/Citroen-C8-Workshop-Repair-And-Service-Manual.html or any better suggestions.
  12. Just want to say hi, just let go of my old Fiat Ulysee and bought a C8.
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