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  1. hi paul, sorry for the delay in replying was going to make a post as soon as i could, i've always replied on my final outcomes in all my previous posts, only got my c8 out last week, and i got it out on the 18th Dec, then headed out north for a short holiday for a few days and only got back today. So appreciate some patience here. The BSM did the trick, but it wasn't a clear swap, mechanic had to reset several things before it could start again, the airconditioning wasn't working and and airbag fault kept popping up, but i was in a rush to get it out as i had a holiday to go to. The car
  2. hey thanks a lot but i've already received mine today But i might just get some spares incase for the future :) S118470003 E BSM B3
  3. yeap it is very expensive its almost 3 times more expensive then the prices in Pounds :wacko: , i visit the UK as well once in a while but not as frequent recently, i got the throttle body from the UK as well, unfortunately had no idea my fuse box was ruined when i got back otherwise i would've got a replacement as well before i left. i found this group on fb as well that just focuses on the C8, 807 and Ulysse, which was really useful, you might be interested to join as well they're quite helpful too. :rolleyes: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Eurovan2/ i've not tried that before,
  4. i think there are quite some damage on it, some parts of the board looks swollen and expanded lol, i don't think it would last for any longer. unfortunately i can't register at the citroen service website, im outside of the EU, so the register button doesn't show up, and when i tried the first time it said my registration is not allowed in french and then the register button dissapeared altogether upon refresh, so i reckon its capturing my IP address from a different country outside of the EU. The link on ebay looks correct, thanks again. Still weighing my options now :) 1. Repair
  5. yeap im still half and half still on either replacing it completely or try to salvage the board, based on the number, mine has an E before BSM B3, and i've found the only ones that ends with an E starts with the letter S, S118470003 E BSM B3 so i think it should be ok. Still thinking :) unfortunately i live really far away now, so collecting myself wouldn't work, the price for a new one around my area is expensive, but im not sure if i need to recode it though? I read from somewhere else that if its the exact fit there's no coding needed for it.
  6. the board looks pretty damaged, there some swelling marks on some parts of the board. A bit reluctant to reuse this board again, would rather just get a better condition one off ebay, only problem now is i can't seem to get the part number on mine! :blink: i know its a BSM B3, but the number before it seems to vary from different models......
  7. finally made some progress!! mechanic found the bottom of the pcb with water damage and burn spots. I think this is the definitely the cause of this......waiting to fix it up and see if it works again.
  8. i agree with you here, just cutting the wires shouldn't be causing this, and the fact that it was running fine when he replaced the wires, says that it probably wasn't the wires itself, but you just never know with these cars, one day its fine and another it isn't. So far from what i've observed is that he knows to not jumpstart the car, as he's familiar with alfa romeo's and fiats and those don't like to be jumpstarted as well which he's explained to me. I've personally witnessed him remove the battery and sent it for a recharge. But he did say that the check engine light wasn't showing up
  9. yeap i dont think he's going to charge me so much as the car was in his hands when it happened so im merely helping him out in trying to solve this problem, but it happened when he was testing it so i dont think he has the nerve to charge me an arm and a leg if he can't seem to figure it out. So far he's been reasonable anyways and have been honest with all my previous repairs. so the old throttle body was partially damaged at the socket area, what the previous owner did was instead of getting a new throttle body and connector, he just welded the wires into the damaged throttle body, whi
  10. Yeap the immo fault popped up when he changed the throttle body and redid the wiring through the torelte body as well. Im not sure about the ecu firmware though, ive never touched it since i had it and i dont know if the previous owner did but frm the loks of it i dont think so.
  11. wow thanks ok will update mine and give it a shot. Just got back from the mechanic again, he's checked all fuse boxes even took out the pcb and cleaned everything still no start. Batteries charged still no start, he's still not checked the earth wires properly though told him to do it. He's tested everything and said that the BSI is not communicating with the engine ecu and he think its the bsi thats faulty. I'd rather not try to get a new bsi as its expensive and requires it to be cloned and its just based on his diagnosing skills would rather have a definite answer that can pinpoi
  12. Yeah he was just taking the pcb box out when i went there, how do i delete the errors though, it says permanent fault so it didn't let me erase it, and i can't go into that specific error it was just showing it from the screenshots but not allowing me to click inside it. Im using V7.65 can a transponder fault cause all the rest to not work? as i found a spare parts dealer that sells it and its really cheap so figured maybe i could give it a try and replace the transponder aerial and see if that works?
  13. ok i have a feeling its the bsi as the errors show: 1. Communication fault to engine ECU 2. Communication fault to engine ECU 3. ABS fault 3. Permanent fault to RH and LH indicators 4. Permanent fault to Transponder Aerial 5. Permanent fault door mirror flip back output open circuit which relay or fuse powers the bsi? or which one could have been faulty that caused all those errors at once? found this post in another forum as well that sounds similar. https://www.rac.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?21426-Citroen-C5-Electrical-Immobiliser-ECU-BSI-issue but no solutions. sigh..........
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