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  1. a round trip of 240 miles approx 60-70 mpg comfort was not bad for a long trip it will stay at 70mph on the motorway with no problem it is no jag or push bike either once you get the hang of it i was very surprised how the engine rpm was so low at 70mph for a small engine my honda hrv 4x4 1.6 have always felt needed a 6th gear as at 70mph rpm is just over 3000 the c1 at 70mph was 3100 i have no rev counter so kept a diagnostic odb plugged in over all very pleased with this little car Ron
  2. having only just bought a c1 late 2006 1.0 petrol with 52000 miles just for the mrs you understand also i own a honda hrv 4x4 and a 2.1 petrol x type jag anyway tick over to me i thought it was missing but this seems the norm it took a day or 2 to get used to next power i was very surprised how nippy it is but if in the wrong gear it will feel like a snail to give you an idea first test run down the a14 built upto 60mph with no problem into 5th and will stay there come up behind a lorry and slightly going up hill put your foot down and you may as well get out and push as it will take a mile to
  3. getting the chip coded and a blank key cut is not a problem as timsons are fairly cheap for this part i was surprised my t-300 had no c1/107 or aygo listed i have the credit size card but the codes there mean nothing to me most likely for a locksmith or just citroen i will keep you updated on what i find on the plip side and if it works may help others my local friendly scrap car dealer has box's of keys and plips so when i get time may pay a visit for a bit of testing Ron
  4. just got a c1 for the mrs a 56 plate splash 1.0 petrol the last owner lost the plip remote so just one key to do all the work over the last 4-5 days all the info i have found points towards each plip having a code on the circuit board like this 73373067c the manual has a simple step to re-cync the fob (this is not for the immo chip) so first how can i find out what code the car fob had when the old was lost. and if you have one open it and wright down the code as the circuit board is only £8 look at this to see the code http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252723388956?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&
  5. its been 2 many years since i owned a Citroen as a member of many car forums i hope to learn from members and if possible help others Ron
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