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  1. Hi Paul many thanks for your reply. The vibrating/shaking only happens whilst idling but driving the car there are no issues. Had a test rocking the engine on my C4 alot if effort was needed. Rocking the engine on the C1 you can hear a slight knock at the back so most likely it it would be the rear mount just need to get it up an Ramps to have a thorough look at it. Had a word with the garage this morning they have said they had to change something to do with the key coding box thing (can't remember the name of it now) as they couldn't risk having the car st
  2. Quick update Finally resolved the issue of the juddering at 3000rpm.. god fed up with Citroen making excused to changes various parts so took it to a local garage who had the same dealership diagnostic software. Couldnt read any codes from the ECU as it was faulty been told you can only wipe the codes so many times before it becomes useless. Well ECU changed came up with throttle body he took that of give it a good clean and lined it back up???? Works better than before no more juddering at 3000 rpm. Aso been advised car has been In a previous accident on the
  3. No signs of the airbags ever being deployed
  4. Spark plugs changed but still the same New battery also put in still the same Got a code reader but it's not even connecting to the brains of the car tried another one at the garage still nothing. Been advised by an electrician/mechanic it could most likely be the ECU as the car looks like it's has previously had a front end hit and has been repaired possibly leading to ECU impact damage as the front end needed straightning out.
  5. Just to clarify the engine management light is still flashing
  6. Sorry I should have been more clear Citroen took the car for a test drive and they know the problem is there but they can't find the why it's doing it. Firstly they said it needed a ECU software update. Done Then they said it was the throttle body. Changed Then they said it was the mass airflow sensor. Changed Then they said it was some sort it restrictor as it was not in limp mode. The restrictor was doing it. But no restrictor found. They have checked all the hoses no rips or leaks. They have scanned it for codes and nothing has come up. They h
  7. Been to Citroen who had the car for a few days they come back with no issues no codes
  8. Hi I have recently got myself a 2016 c1 1.2 it has started to loose power at 3000rpm in every gear and then starts to judder has anyone experienced this and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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