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  1. TW & TX arrived from France but have the same reduced lower diameter. I'm going to phone the main parts warehouse again but got no idea where that will go. There is no way that my car is unique or it has one off suspension spec. There are loads of the same model about. I've been in the motor industry since leaving school 48yrs ago and never encountered a parts identification problem like this. I appreciate you efforts so far, any other suggestions. Thanks. Tim
  2. I'll wait and see what the TW & TX come like, I just don't understand why it has been such a problem. I did think of a sleeve but wouldn't make one or fit one unless it was a manufacturers modification. It is just too critical an area and if the strut popped out of the stub axle the car would just be uncontrollable and if at speed, don't want to think about it. I managed to talk the MOT tester into putting it as an advise so at the moment still using it with a bad leaking damper but otherwise secure.
  3. Latest. The 5202YH arrived but was not correct, smaller bottom dia again. I spoke to a different guy at the main warehouse and asked him about the TW & TX numbers. He found them listed but said they are for 16" wheel manual transmission cars. We then got into a debate of whether the car was originally built with manual suspension then changed to Auto gearbox later. He thinks that sometimes cars were taken off the production line incomplete then finished later to an ordered spec. Sounds unlikely to me, but they are French. I asked him to order a pair to see if they match my needs, got
  4. Hi Paul, thanks for this and yes looking back you have identified these numbers before. I'm not sure why the Citroen people I've been dealing with have not found the same. I am now told the L/H 5202YH has arrived but the R/H 5202YJ is not available. I've been trying to get hold of someone in the Hayes dealership, where I am told it has been sent, to open the box while I'm on the phone to see if it is correct. But getting through is a trial of anyone's patience. If it is incorrect I will go back to the original guy who ordered and pass your TW & TX numbers to him. Your description sou
  5. I will look for the RPO number, was going to do that before but forgot and Citroen didn't ask for it. Thanks for persisting, are you saying 16" wheel numbers are different from YH and YJ? I have 16" wheels. I got a random text message saying that part of my order has arrived but it did not say from Citroen and calling or texting the number gets no reply. I've also tried phoning the dealerships and the Hayes parts place but not got through yet. These days it seems everywhere uses Covid as an excuse to not give customer service. I wanted to speak to someone where the part has arrived t
  6. I got a message that the ordered dampers were ready for collection from my nearest dealership. I phoned the guy who originally ordered them and told him that I has seen one and it has the same problem, so no point my going to collect them. He told me he is at the Citroen parts warehouse in Hayes not the dealership so I cannot go there to see any dampers. So he looked again on his database and after a bit of going round in circles and finding the same part numbers again, he said he would take the filter off?? he then found a different part number that he said was for a later model of my se
  7. Hi Paul, Yes I have had the strut off twice to try and fit a replacement damper. First time, a while ago was when I bought the replacement then found the size difference problem, put the original back on because I did not have time to wait for the Factors to find a replacement part. I've used the car with the dampers weeping for a few years pressure washing to get through MOT. Yes I know that's naughty. Recently with the drive shaft ATF leak I decided to get a pair of dampers and do all the jobs. That started me buying dampers and finding no supplier could find the right part. All fo
  8. Went to the dealership today. The damper that has arrived is not correct, same tapered lower profile and they do not know when the other might arrive, none shown here or in France. Mad. Their only suggestion was to wait for the other to see if it was correct, unlikely. So have I got a rogue C3 with one off suspension, very unlikely. I will phone the guy in Hayes who was in the central parts depot but not holding my breath. Has no one on here never heard of this before? MOT due soon so I'm going to have to go and blag them into recording it as a advise fault, again, same as last
  9. Latest twist. Having not heard from Citroen Dealership, they said they would phone, I called them to see what is happening. I'm told they only have one damper delivered from France and do not know when the other might arrive. It is still on order and promised just don't know when. I said I would go to see the one that arrived to see if it is the correct part. Will do that when time allows, not confident. So am I the first owner who has had a need for front dampers on my model C3, I think not, so has anyone out there successfully found a supplier for the correct front dampers? I'll b
  10. I've ordered some today from my nearest Citroen Dealership. They used the registration number to identify them and came up with the same part nos I had already. I was told the Citroen originals are not longer available but they supply a pattern part that has Citroen blessing. They said they have to come from France so 7 - 10 days wait, not a problem and no need to pay in advance either. That's good because if they are not correct then I can just say try again. Decent price at £66 inc VAT. each. What you say about 16" wheels and pivot having different numbers is interesting because the ca
  11. Thanks. I bought the car from new before 4/6/2006, April 2006 I think, so safe to assume it was made before that date. This also means that the before part numbers are the same as the ones I have been given. It does have 16" alloys so does this mean a different damper part number because of that? All the ones supplied have had smaller diameter bottoms that are much too small for the stub axle. Even suppliers who came up with the same part numbers couldn't explain this. They have all said their data says they are the correct part. GSF a big Factors just said they couldn't get the part.
  12. Thanks for the reply. No I haven't tried Citron direct, I imagine they would come at a high price and I do not see why Factors cannot supply, there are plenty C3's on the road, can't be the first to need dampers. But nothing to lose by trying I suppose. Ta. Tim
  13. Hello, I own a 2006 C3 1.6SX Auto vin - VF7FCNFUF 28619249. I need front dampers but have been having trouble finding a supplier and have been given incorrect dampers 4 times now. The ones supplied have stepped down diameter in the lower section that is too small for the stub axle mating. The ones on the car are parallel at the base i.e. the same diameter. Parts suppliers have either told me they do not know why the ones supplied are wrong or they say they cannot supply the correct part. I've been told the correct part numbers are - Citroen 5202VP right and 5202VN left Monro
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