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  1. Hello everyone Has I cant find a fuel filter for the wife's C2, I take there is not one fitted as standard. As anyone fitted a fuel filter if so where did you put it? The car was born in 2004, My concern is the amount of " crap " building up in the fuel tank and by fitting an filter prevent any contaminated fuel reaching the engine. Many Thanks DK
  2. Hi paul.h Just about to give up hope. So thank you for replying. In my C2 case the Haynes Manuel gives very little information on servicing the gearbox as it supposed to be sealed for life, as a great believer in changing oil as part of a regular servicing rescheme weather it needs it or not, my OCD had to change the oil so I drained the oil. found on the internet it takes 2 litres to fill, I found the vent cap ( right hand side underneath the air filter, round and black which just pulls off. slowly poured in 2 ltr of gearbox oil. job done. something dis concerning about not having
  3. Hello everyone. New to this forum site stuff so please be kind as I am bound to get it wrong some where. For the last 30 years I have ridden motorbike or driven company vans, so I have never Owned a car of my own until now. I have just retired from work and sold my bikes, so to get around I got myself a Citroen C2 automatic. In the past I always serviced my motorbikes so I which end of a spanner to use but when it comes to servicing cars mmmmm bit of a challenge me thinks. So with your permission I will need to ask lots of questions on servicing and repairs etc. Thanking you in
  4. Hello everyone, As I am new to owning an Citroen car I have about a hundred questions to ask so please bear with me. I own a C2 1.4 2004 with the Automatic gearbox. I would like to replace the gearbox oil, I think I have found the drain plug but not to sure where the filler plug is located can some one point me in the right direction. Many thanks DK
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