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  1. Thanks again Paul for good information and advice. From a man who has taken the bold choice to upgrade from the safe waters of no electronics BX"s(except distributor points) to Jet age microchips. Still "living in fear" of what else could go wrong! Peter K
  2. HI there does anyone know how to reset the date and time on my C3 as above .i have tried but failed.thanks for it in advance.
  3. Hi all, i was wondering if its legal to disable this cars ABS system and AIRBAG system so that it runs as a traditional classic car in a more simplified way? Obviosly one would have to label the inside cabin to show passengers that it didnt meet modern standards. i believe early C3 cars didnt always have ABS? I may have read on a Govt. MOT standards page that this might be possible for at least ABS. petermorrisminor
  4. yes Paul ,its petermorrisminor again as the first enquiry i made .i had to re register using new name as they said there is already a PMM in the system! Thanks for the valuable advise .as this is my first attempt to go thru the MOT with an ECU car.It feels very demanding as im only used to a BX19 D or BX 1.4 petrol. and i thought i was hard done by then! Oh what simplicity they were in contrast.Feels like ive changed over from piston to jet engine without training! Car is C3 2006 1.4 SX ABS light only comes on after i turn full lock left then stays on. so maybe a swaying bearing sensor
  5. Dear paul.h, thanks for advice.i have noticed ABS light is intermittent,and now i have AIRBAG light on as well constantly, and now the ENGINE BLOCK light on ! the announciator screen says EMISSIONS FAULT . where do i go nowwith its MOT? from someone who used to take his "stone age" BX`s through one
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