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  1. Hi When l turn on the ignition I only get an engine management light and it will not turn over, (see attached photo)
  2. I think the starter doesn't turn because there is no power from the ignition switch. The model is 2010 C1 petrol VT it has no central looking so it is a solid key with no buttons.
  3. Hi The battery is charged the gearbox is earthed. When the ignition is switched on the engine management light is on but all of the other display lights are off. When an obd reader is connected the rest of the light's come on. I have tried to connect a wire to the starter on both terminals but it does not turn over, before the clutch change the starter was fine. There is no beep when the key is in the ignition and the door is opened, this is a base model car so I don't know if the security features are the same. I bought this with the clutch problem, so have not had it long and don't know
  4. Is this connected to the starter motor? If so then this is OK
  5. Hi I have fitted a new clutch to my C1, but when I switch on the ignition the only light is the engine management light, the car won't turn over, but the rest of the electrics work. I plugged in an obd meter and it shows no errors. Can anyone help me please!!!
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