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  1. To be perfectly honest with you insurance and such isn't exactly something I'm worried about haha. As long as the lights project legal light which they would do in an MOT then it's fine. But yeah worries are I wanted to know before I bought the donor car thats all
  2. Hey everyone. So I have a Ph2 Xsara VTS that's had a bit of a wack, but funnily enough it's being easier to find parts for the front of a Ph1 than mine. However I really wouldn't mind giving the girl a different look. So the question is, can I, with two wings, a front bumper, bonnet and headlights from a Phase 1, unbolt the Phase 2 front and bolt the Phase 1 front on? Since Citroen was mostly forced to facelift due to the 2000's safety regulations I would have thought they'd do as little modification as possible for the facelift to save the money. Thanks!
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