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  1. Hi Paul. Good news! I literally unclipped the +ve terminal and put it back on. The car did a re-boot and all works. Thanks for all of your help. You made a big difference with your help. Thank you Take care Geoff
  2. On the youtube reset, I'll need to disconnect the positive as the negative is WAY back under the windscreen. looks a bit of a pain to remove the battery. These are not user friendly models, from 2014/15....not great for DIY mechanics. I'm a little concerned about disconnection the battery in case it makes it worse...lol Cheerrs aagin.
  3. Thanks Paul, yes, I noticed the stop start batteries are from about £120 to £245. Could not believe that!! Ironically, the stop-start does not work. I was told twice by the franchised dealer that if the battery voltage drops too low it would not work. It's not worked since about a week afte the dealer charged it...lol So the battery voltage indeed does seem to be a citroen queerk! What about a BSI reset? Does a dealer need to do it? Apparently this sequence will work.. Thanks again. REALLY appreciated.
  4. Hi Paul. Thank you so much for the reply. Very much appreciated! Spare fob not working. It stopped too differently a good while back. The car is keyless ignition, so yeah, will need to check manual. This literally happened two days ago when been using the fob for about 2 years constantly so I dont think its what you suggested, BUT, I'll give it a try. Someone suggested on another thread it could be low battery voltage as they are a bit sensitive. battery reads 12.35V but the day after a 200 mile motorways rive, so thought it may have been around 12.6-12.8. It is over 5 years old
  5. Hi, did this solve your problem? I have a simialr issue, I think. thanks GEoff
  6. I've a 2017 grand C4 picasso 1.6HDI The key fob "nor detected" notice appears on the dash but I can start the car when it's in the slot. When using the fob to lock/unlock the car, the clunk noise sounds as if it was going to lock the car, but nothing happens and the mirrors don't fold/lights don';t flash. I can manually lock only the front doors with the key, the rear doors do not lock. The tailgate does not detect my foot to open/close the boot. I've changed the battery but no change, sadly. Can anyone help? thank you Geoff
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