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Found 6 results

  1. There’s an air leak in one of the the TPMS wheel sensors on my 2013 C5 Tourer X7. It takes a couple of weeks for sufficient air to leak to illuminate the low tyre pressure warning system. When washing the wheels I can see a few air bubbles around the valve stem, signifying the leak. Do I have to buy a Citroen replacement TPMS sensor complete, or is there a quality after market equivalent that would be suitable. I’ve seen just the valve stem, washer seal and valve core available for £5 or less, including one kit on eBay,which quotes a Citroen part number. Have you tried these, and ar
  2. Another MOT at end of November. Tempus fugit and all that. Half decent Yokohamas on the front need replacing as they have worn on the outside edge after 11k miles even though I'm a wee bit regular when it comes to checking tyre pressures. No knocking or steering issues are noticable at this stage so Im wondering if the C8 is just hard on front tyres? Ah well, money will sort it out, however..........the heater fan is blowing intermittently. On high setting its loud and reassuring but then it stops for a second or two before resuming. Does the same when aircon is on. I have not changed my heate
  3. Jagal


    Hi all, I am slightly new to Citroen. I bought a 4 year old C5 a few months ago. I noticed that the two back tyres are different brands to the two new front ones. One of them will need replacing in the next few months. I was reading about TPMI and when I press the button CHECK on my dash nothing comes up other than service due in XXXXX miles and NO Faults. The back tyres have a valve that has a corroded metal bit coming out of the allow wheel. The front ones look like normal black valves (rubber). If I could ask the collective advice on the following: 1. Am I right in saying my TPMS is deactiv
  4. Any recommendations please. Just got 16,000 miles from some Falken tyres on the front. Haven't been that impressed with them as regards noise and feel and wear so looking for something different.
  5. I am the recent owner of a Citroen C5 VTR PLUS NAV HDI (2010) 1.6 diesel estate, manual, 046000 miles. I have a few questions for C5 owners, having spoken to Citroen garages a few ‘warnings’ have been mentioned during conversation, and some problems I already have, and as this is my first C5 I’d like to get a feel of what I am in for: Has anyone found heavy tyre wear on the inside if the tread at low milage, power steering seals failing at low mileage, sat nav screen switching off mid route, crank shaft oil seals leaking oil over the aux belts, and I have been advised to change the engin
  6. Front tyres are near the markers already on my 2013 C5 - 10,000 miles! OE Michelins 245/40/19 Budget replacements can be had for around £100 each , so not a disaster. Michelins are crazy price, and seem to be made of sh*t Didn't Michelin own Citroen at one time?
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