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If it is the same engine as in the C5, Haynes gives the torque setting as 25 Nm for the EW10J4 (RFN) indirect injection engine and 22 Nm for the EW10D (RLZ) direct injection engine. The EW10D needs a 14mm 12 point spark plug socket with a long extension. The ignition coil needs to be removed first. Spark plug gap 0.9 to 1.0 mm for the EW10J4 and 1.0 mm for the EW10D.


When changing spark plugs I usually blow down the plug recess (using such as a straw) before slackening the plugs and after to clear any debris and use a vacuum cleaner - just to help stop any falling in to the engine. Check the plug seats in the recess are clean before fitting the new plugs. Check the contacts on the ignition coil are clean where they contact the spark plug tops.

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