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Hi , noticed my c8 pollen filter box is all loose and moving around,  i have taken it off and i can see whoever put the last filter in lost the clips that hold it at the back under the bulk head, i can buy a new filter box complete with clips but what is the rubber hose that pushes in to the bottom of it ? i see no way of attaching the hose to the housing once the filter is in place unless there is another part missing from the underside of my filter box .  Again whoever replaced this filter last didnt put this hose back on by the look of it.


any ideas and thanks in advance.

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Hi yes the pipe is indeed the water drain and if not fitted properly the felt under the box gets wet through, Its just a matter of pushing the pipe upwards onto the drain hole i use a smear of washing up liquid on the grommet on the end and a bit of fiddling and there you are
A pain in the a--se to do but hey ho
Regards      Jon

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Yes what a pain in the b..e, Unless you see one off the car its very difficult to see how its fixed in place so careless inexperienced mechanics tend to just pull them out and break the clips, at least the bloke who broke yours put it back most get thrown in the bin with the engine undertray - no corner uncut!

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