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Wipers /washers Stopped Working?

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When our 53 plate C3 wipers and washers stopped working suddenly I read about about resetting the Comms2000, tried a couple of different resets, checked out all fuses removed and checked wiper mechanism/motor, still not fixed until I tried this reset method which may be of help to other members. Remove storage unit under steering column, remove lower column cowl 2x 20 torque screws.

1, Ignition on,

2, Disconnect grey plug from back of Comms unit.

3, Wait 3-5 seconds lights to come on?

4, Switch ignition off and wait 2 minutes.

5, Reconnect grey plug.

6, Switch ignition on.

7, Switch ignition off.

8, Put wiper stalk to auto or intermittent position.

9, Put wiper stalk to off position.

10, Allow BSI to shut down a minimum of 2 minutes.

This procedure worked for me, Refitting the lower column cowl can be a little tricky so warm it with heat gun gently from the inside making it a little more flexible and fitting a little easier. Hope this helps other C2, C3, Berlingo and Picasso.

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Welcome to the forum, although it is a bit late after you have been a member for 6½ years.


What other reset methods did you try and how did you discover this one ? I have added it to the Common Problems pinned post since it could help others.


Now you have sent your first post, I am sure there are lots of other things you can tell us you have learnt about your C3 but if it is as reliable as our C3 then it may have only needed services.

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