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C5 2.0Hdi 140 2009 Tourer Clutch Replacement

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Hi there.   The clutch on my 2009 C5 Tourer 98000 miles has started slipping when under pressure.   I do have a warranty that covers the clutch but they are refusing to pay up saying it is wear and tear.   Anyone any thoughts on the difficulty level for replacing it.

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Probably your warranty is a breakdown one which would not cover wear and tear. To prove it was a sudden breakdown you will probably need to pay a garage to remove the parts for examination and it if is not accepted as a breakdown, then pay the garage to fit everything back. As well as the clutch the dual mass flywheel (dmf) will probably need replacing. You can look on eurocarparts to get an idea of the parts costs and on their site a LUK clutch is £225 and a LUK flywheel £198 plus you will need gearbox oil and probably drive shaft oil seals. The labour is about 8 hours since there are lots of things to remove - drive shafts, front subframe, drain cooling system, gearbox is removed from underneath, usual things such as starter motor and gearbox end engine mountings.


If you are going to do it yourself I would get the Citroen service box 3 dvd manual from ebay. This includes Citroen's workshop procedures as well as parts and wiring diagrams.

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