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I have a 2013 C3 Picasso Exclusive with the 1.6VTi 120 engine and EGS6 gearbox.

Recently, I've noticed the cabin heating is....pathetic..... with lukewarm air coming from the vents with the knob set to "Hi" , the blue engine temperature warning lamp takes about 8 times as far to go out as it used to (12miles as opposed to 1.5) and the Mpg figure has dropped from a lousy 43mpg to a catastrophic 38mpg.

I believe the engine is not getting to the correct temperature and the engine is running rich as a result, the cabin heater isn't being fed with water hot enough. This suggests a problem with the thermostat.

I've had the car back to Quest Motors at Maldon, twice, but they've reported NFF. There was a row.

What problem would give a correct diagnostic reading but result in low engine temperature?


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How did the garage decide there was not a problem, did they do any temperature checks or plug in a code reader to see what temperature the coolant sensor was showing ? As you say, the symptoms indicate the thermostat is opening at a low temperature and needs replacing. If under 3 years old it would still be under warranty by Citroen so it ought to be fixed without any cost to you.


Have you noticed if the engine fan is running ? Last year our 2010 C3 with the 1.4 vti engine started going to max temperature warning with the fan on all the time and I was going to replace the temperature sensor on the thermostat housing. However, our dealer said there was a recall on the vti engines due to faulty temp sensors and these were being replaced, paid for by Citroen.


You can do a quick check on the thermostat by feeling the top radiator hose as the engine warms - it will start to warm up when the thermostat opens but should not do it until the coolant is quite hot, unless the thermostat is opening early.

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I'll try the "feeling the pipe" test.

Garage says they used diagnostics and did temperature tests, but I don't believe them. Also said the thermostat is mechanical. Not sure if I believe that either because the spares I've searched for are electrically operated (car has aircon/climate control).

I'm minded just to take it to my local place and have the thermostat and sensors changed.

Do you have a reference for the recall?

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The thermostat on the end of the cylinder head will be mechanical but it looks as if it comes as part of the housing so is expensive at around £150 - possibly a reason for the garage not wanting to replace it. Labour to replace it is also about 2 hours so a total bill of maybe £250, a big chunk out of any profit the garage has made on the car. It also includes the temperature sensor at this price but later models from RPO 12223 cost less.  

The Citroen part no. for the housing/thermostat may be 1336Z8 or for later cars V764558080, but this should be checked using your VIN.





When our C3 needed the temperature sensor I thought it would need a new housing since the temp sensor was moulded in to the housing (which also included the thermostat) but the Citroen fix was to remove the bleed screw and fit the new sensor in place of the bleed screw, thus saving about £150 and 2 hours labour. A Citroen dealer will know about the recall and will know if your car is affected and if it has been done.


Just checked and it looks as if Quest Motors is a Citroen dealer !!! - if so then you should have a used/approved 12 month guarantee that could be used at other Citroen dealers if you do not get very far with Quest. However, large motor groups may be outside this and such as Evans Halshaw only give a 3 month warranty (at least they did when we were looking a few years ago) and the cost of getting 12 months made the cars expensive.


Temperature controls and flaps on the cabin heater will be electrically controlled but if the engine is not heating up then these are not the problem.

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