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Remote Plip Info

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just got a c1 for the mrs a 56 plate splash 1.0 petrol

the last owner lost the plip remote so just one key to do all the work over the last 4-5 days all the info i have found points towards each plip having a code on the circuit board like this  73373067c the manual has a simple step to re-cync the fob (this is not for the immo chip)

so first how can i find out what code the car fob had when the old was lost. and if you have one open it and wright down the code as the circuit board is only £8 look at this to see the code  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252723388956?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649


next has anyone more insight into this as citroen will not help just want £150 for a new fob and thats not going to happen

or will i have to go as far as a nexia diagnostics to get around all the problems many have like this

last is the info i have found so far correct as this is a learning curve i had the exact same problem with my renault and honda both in the end was cheaper to buy the correct diagnostics tool for the car 




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I do not know if getting a remote from another car will work just by resynchronising it to your car - to do this follow the handbook remote battery replacement procedure (may be put the key in the ignition, possibly turn it so the dash lights up and then press the door lock button until the door locks). Since a used remote will not have the right key for your lock, it might be possible to do this using your existing key in the ignition and then hold the used remote nearby - but having never tried this I do not know if it will work.


However, the remote key will not have the immobiliser chip that matches your car so it will not start the engine. The chip can be seen in your link as a small black part inside the key case. If you get a new key or key/remote, Citroen will supply one with the immobiliser chip for your car and the key already cut for your locks. You should have  a credit card size card with the car handbook/documents that has a code on it used when getting a replacement key and this may be part of the info you are looking for.

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getting the chip coded and a blank key cut is not a problem as timsons are fairly cheap for this part i was surprised my t-300 had no c1/107 or aygo listed

i have the credit size card but the codes there mean nothing to me most likely for a locksmith or just citroen i will keep you updated on what i find on the plip side and if it works may help others 

my local friendly scrap car dealer has box's of keys and plips so when i get time may pay a visit for a bit of testing 


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