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Re Gassed Aircon Not Working

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Hi people, I took my wife's car to get the air con regassed as it wasn't working. There were no leaks when tested and it took the new gas fine. When the technician tried it, it still didn't get cold and he said the compressor wasn't kicking in.

I have checked the compressor fuse and its fine so my next check is the relay but I can't find it in the manual. Can someone point me in the right direction?

I have 3 relays in a box which is clipped to the fan cowling so I assume it may be one of those?

Also my engine cooling fan doesn't work but as the aircon system has its own fans I assume this won't affect it?

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It could be you need the other engine fan to be able to work. Is the cabin fan also working ? Other things to check would be the outside air temp sensor, the engine temp sensor, the air con pressure sensor, the air con evaporator temp sensor. For these you will need a diagnostic check, so a trip to a dealer may be needed.


Also from the Citroen procedures

1.1. Preliminary checks
Visually check : The air-conditioning compressor :
  • Check that the frame has not suffered any knocks and that it is not distorted
  • Check that the pulley has not suffered any knocks or bangs
  • Check that the clutch engages when the coil is supplied with 12V
  • Check the condition of the supply cable and of the connector
  • Check that the body of the air conditioning compressor is not cracked (at the air conditioning compressor fixing points)
  • Check that the air conditioning compressor intake and discharge ports are not damaged
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Yes, you will need to get this on LEXIA this will give your A/C system an individual scan and the advantage of this is it will give you a plain old English fault reading no codes a live reading of what the fault is. It will probably be the A/C PRESSURE SENSOR, check that the A/C HIGH SPEED FAN is kicking in as if this isn't happening it can cause high pressure, PRESOSTAT, BLOCKAGE IN THE EVAPORATOR, or like you said the RELAY test this by taking of the plastic casing and manually operate the connections if the compressor doesn't kick in then there is no electrical supply. where about in the UK are you?      

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