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I have a '81 with 602 engine, all original (no tuning or something..), but in the last time she started to act really weird. When it is really hot, she can hold in idle ale the engine is dead, I neet to step on the gas even on red lights to keep it running. What is the problem? I am currently finding some info before I get to work and "hot" cadidates are: ignition coil, idle jet, or debris in carb.

Next problem is: the "electric" light comes on when am driving in the rain and light are on and wipers are on, is it a sign of a weak alternator?

Thank you in advance for some suggestions on this.


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I am not familiar with your car but as a start I would clean the carb throttle plate with carb cleaner or just wiping with something like turps/white spirit. Remove any carbon build up inside the throttle body where the plate closes. This ought to be done every service since the carbon reduces the gap for the air flow on idle.


For the ignition/charge light coming on, check if the alternator drive belt is tight enough or needs replacing in case it is slipping under load when a high current is needed.

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