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A search suggests a rev counter can be installed and the wiring for one will already be there but only for models up to 2014. For later models the complete speedo needs to be replaced but you could just plug a code reader into the OBD socket and if you use a reader that gives live data it will show the engine rpm. There are also rev counters that just plug into the OBD socket without being a code reader.

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Something to bear in mind. On Citroens the total mileage can be stored on an ecu and also the speedo. If one is replaced both will adopt the highest mileage of the ecu or speedo whether this is the replacement part or the one still on the car. So if your car has done say 50k miles and the replacement part has done 100k miles, the car will then take 100k miles as its distance covered. A diagnostic can sort this but if not done it might give problems with insurance if the annual  miles insured is exceeded. A few photos before and after might help with your mileage records.

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