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Lambda value first too high and then too low

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Hello everyone!
I have been a proud owner of a 2006 Citroen C1 for over a year now, but lately I have had some issues with it. The lambda value was very high, up to 1,5. After plugging up a leak I found in the exhaust system with some paste it went down to 1,05. I could hear that my temporary fix started leaking again, and plugged it up with paste and muffler tape.

When doing a check-up the lambda value had gone down to 0,95 instead, and the CO value while idling had gone up really high although this was not an issue before.

I am at a loss at what the issue could be, if anyone have any suggestions I would appreciate it very much!

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There are 2 lambda sensors, one before and one after the exhaust catalytic converter. Are your values for the one before ? The one before should switch frequently around 1.0 as it adjusts the fuel and the one after should stay the same if the cat is working.

A high CO value suggests a rich fuel/air mixture, you could check if the air filter needs replacing.

This link explains some things which are worth a look https://www.austincc.edu/wkibbe/lambda.htm

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