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Citroen ZX Dimension 1.4i petrol Steering Fluid

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Hi, we have a Citroen ZX Dimension 1.4i petrol .
I need to top up the steering fluid.
I have some steering fluid which says Dexron II type D and E and Dexron III.
Would this be suitable or is there a better alternative ?
Many thanks,



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I would ask a Citroen dealer or even buy some there. If you put in the wrong fluid it can affect the seals and end up needing them replacing. I had a Saab and a few months after buying it the steering rack seals at each end leaked fluid out. The fluid was not the right colour as normally supplied by Saab so I do not know what the previous owner had used. It needed a new rack and the system flushing out. The cost was around 100 times that of a bottle of the correct fluid which was still needed to refill it.

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