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!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!

I have a 2018 C1 my daughter sat in the car for an hour or so now it wont start.

I have checked the battery 12.45VDC.

All the lights wipers are working.

I reset the car immobilizer I have the double beep press the brake turn the key to start then I hear a click click noise.

What can the problem be please?????

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Is the engine turning over on the starter motor when the key is turned or is the starter motor just clicking (you may need the bonnet open to listen for this) ? If it is just clicking it might be a fault with the starter motor or the battery voltage might be too  low - check its voltage when the key is being turned, it will drop a bit as the starter motor turns over but should not be much below 12 volts. At the battery check if all the cables are fastened to it and you can also check the earth cable to the engine/gear box. Does ECO light up on the dash - Citroens have a feature to stop the battery going flat if the radio or internal lights are left on and these are switched off after a few minutes and the ECO light comes on but external lights are not.

To check if the immobiliser recognises the key, leave the key in the ignition and open the driver's door - there should be a warning if the key is recognised. If it does not beep try the spare key and if that does not work the car keys might need to be recoded to the car (this is not the same as re-initialising such as when the remote battery is replaced so that the remote unlocks the doors). If the key is recognised and the engine turns over but does not start, it is possible the car is stuck in ECO mode. I read a trick in a magazine that suggests running a thick wire from the battery positive direct to the starter motor with the ignition on can get it going

If you have break down home start I would call out the RAC/AA/Green Flag if you use them.

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