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Before suspecting a failing clutch, check the hand brake cable.

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Well this is embarrassing but one of our c1's 57 plate is due its mot..last two years the rear brakes have been passed but a with a slight bind advisory. As the clutch was, so we thought on the way out , high revs to pull away from the line, high biting point, I though bank holiday bored clutch and brakes time. 


Glad I did the brakes first..the handbrake cable was slightly seized, no a lot but enough to stop the spring backing the brake off all the way. On the rolling road the brakes worked fine but with two up and a slight incline it was enough to mimic a failing clutch. Two handbrake cables and biting point restored, all is well. 

To check the cable remove the plastic trim round the handbrake..the adjuster at the rear should have even length of hand brake cable showing..if the bar is wonky a cable is probably suspect.

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Thank you for the advice, it could save some people a lot of money.

Another problem I have found is people adjusting the hand brake up too far which prevents the brake shoes fully releasing and thus stopping the auto adjusters working.

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