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C3 knocking noise

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Hi..i have an 09 C3 1.4HDI Airdream+ and it has an annoying knocking coming from underneath,sounds like its coming from the drivers side.

Both wishbones,drop links and anti roll bar bushes have been changed and have no movement,shocks and springs are good, but i still have the knocking when i go over bumps.

Any advice would be appreciated. 

Ive got a rear engine mount on order but i dont think its that.


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You seem to have changed the obvious culprits.

On our 2015 C4 we had a knocking which turned out to be a common fault with a batch of shock absorbers. The chrome shaft gained some play in it and knocked as it went over bumps. It had only done 25k miles but was out of warranty so I replaced both sides myself. To test for the play in situ I was told was not easy but involved trying to move the shaft. Once off the car the play was obvious.

On a 2003 C3 I had knocking due to wear in a drop link. Later after a front coil spring had been replaced knocking started and it turned out the bearing/mounting on top of a shock absorber had been damaged during the spring replacement. I replaced it myself but the springs had been replaced outside of warranty at no cost by the Citroen dealer since one broke.

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Just remembered we had a 2003 C3 that developed a noise underneath and that was the exhaust heat shield had come loose. Its bolt holes had corroded and enlarged so it dropped down a bit and rattled. Large penny washers were all it needed to fasten it back.

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