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Citroen AX Sunroof drain tubes

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I took my car to bits to find where the sunroof drain tubes exit the car (Couldn’t find anything on the internet).

The front drain tubes run down the A pillars and come out behind the front wing & wheel arch liner, near the top of the wing and level with the rear corner of the bonnet.

I unbolted the front wings and swung the back of the wings out of the way by removing the 3 bolts along the top of the wing and the 2 bolts in the door shut (back of the wing). With the back of the wing out of the way you can clearly see the rubber tube (or the oval hole where the tube should exit).

The exit hole is in the continuation of the A pillar that curves forwards a few inches just under the top of the front wing.

The rear drain tubes run in the head lining, exiting into the top of the tailgate shut.

Hope this is usefull.

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