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Car won't go into gear with engine running

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I have a 2012 C1 Connexion with ~75000 miles on the clock. Recently it's really been struggling to get into gear with the engine running, but with the engine off it's absolutely fine. Won't go into reverse at all unless you really force it. Is this a problem with the clutch adjustment, is the clutch on the way out, or worse still, is the gearbox on the way out?

Appreciate your help on this one!

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Could be some wear in the gear change linkage. There will probably be bushes at each end which should be checked.

Is the clutch slipping when going up a hill which would indicate if it is worn out ?

If the clutch is hydraulic with a master and slave cylinder, it might need bleeding which should be done anyway every 2 years when the brake fluid is changed and these should also be checked for leaks.

Unlikely to be the gearbox, as these wear you usually get grinding noises when changing gear and worn bearings will whine at higher speeds. However, check for any leaks of oil from it.

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