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C2 Gearbox Oil.

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Hello everyone,

As I am new to owning an Citroen car I have about a hundred questions to ask so please bear with me.  

I own a C2 1.4  2004 with the Automatic gearbox.  I would like to replace the gearbox oil,  I think I have found the drain plug but not to sure where the filler plug is located can some one point me in the right direction.

Many thanks  DK

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Not sure if the C2 is the same as the C4 with an AL4 gear box but in a Haynes manual for the 2004 C4 it gives the following info. Access to the filler plug is helped by removing the air cleaner ducting and the battery and tray. The filler plug is on the top and directly behind the transmission selector lever and it has a sealing washer. It gives the AL4 torque setting as 24 Nm.

When it comes to checking the oil level, the AL4 has 2 parts to the drain/level plug - the first plug with an 8mm square drive is the level plug and then inside the housing is the second part of the plug (8mm allen key) which is the drain plug. It says to top up by ½ litre through the filler plug then refit that with a new seal, refit the battery etc then run the car/engine to warm the oil, park on level ground, put the gear box in P, with the engine running at idle slacken and remove the level plug and sealing washer, there should be a trickle of oil and then drips, refit the level plug and switch off the engine. It says then repeat adding ½ litre and doing the level check again and the level is then correct. When removing the level plug, if no oil runs out or just  a few drips then the level is too low. For the AL4 gear box, the drain plug is 33 Nm and the level plug (hexagonal) 24 Nm or (socket key) 9 Nm.

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Hi paul.h

Just about to give up hope. So thank you for replying.

In my C2 case the Haynes Manuel gives very little information on servicing the gearbox as it supposed to be sealed for life, as a great believer in changing oil as part of a regular servicing rescheme weather it needs it or not, my OCD had to change the oil so I drained the oil. found on the internet it takes 2 litres to fill, I found the vent cap ( right hand side underneath the air filter, round and black which just pulls off. slowly poured in 2 ltr of gearbox oil. job done.   something dis concerning about not having a dipstick or spy hole to check levels.

Anyways a big Trailer Ok GIF  for replying.           stay safe

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Thank you for getting back to us. I have realised your gear box is not a torque converter auto as in the C4 AL4 type but a pilot operated one, so essentially a normal gear box but with an actuator and a clutch. Years ago Citroen stopped putting level/filling plugs on the side of their gear boxes and instead rely on looking for a leak as the annual level check but when filling to just add the right amount. A filling plug is not provided but as you have found, the vent is removed so the oil can be put in.

It does not do any harm to change the oil and it gives a chance to check for any metal bits.

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