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Is it Allowed to "revert" a 2006 C3 1.4 petrol car.

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Hi all, i was wondering if its legal to disable this cars ABS system and AIRBAG system so that it runs as a traditional classic car in a more simplified way? Obviosly one would have to label the inside cabin to show passengers that it didnt meet modern standards. i believe early C3 cars didnt always have ABS? 

I may have read on a Govt. MOT standards page that this might be possible for at least ABS.  


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At the MOT the tester will look to see the abs dash light is working and the air bag one - comes on and then goes off on start up. Failing to do this is probably going to be a failure. I do not know why you would want to disable the abs and airbags though, they are there to save your/others lives. Spending the money to fix them is worth it unless you can replace the car for less. Your insurance would also need to know if you modify the car and if it is not up to MOT standard your insurance would not be valid. You could imagine if in a crash and the passenger air bag did not work, you might get prosecuted and sued for damages.

However, a quick look at the MOT testers manual on the gov site has this on ABS so maybe you could remove the abs, The air bag section is also copied below and if these are not working it would be a MOT failure

You must inspect any ABS systems fitted.

When testing ABS equipped vehicles, the road wheels that are lifted off the ground should not be allowed to rotate when the ignition is on. This can cause the ABS system to indicate a fault which may require specialist equipment to rectify.

If the ABS has been intentionally rendered inoperative, the whole system must be removed. This does not apply to sensor rings or other ABS components which are an integral part of another component, such as a brake disc or drive shaft.

It’s not permissible to remove or disable the ABS from a vehicle first used on or after 1 January 2010. Not all vehicles first used on or after 1 January 2010 will have ABS, so the failure only applies where the system has obviously been removed.

7.1.5. Airbags

This inspection is for all airbags fitted as original equipment other than on Class 3 vehicles.

A passenger airbag that is switched off is not a defect.

Defect Category
(a) An airbag fitted as original equipment obviously missing Major
(b) Not in use  
(c) An airbag obviously inoperative Major
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