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How to reset the fascia date and time on a 2006 C3 1.4 SX

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If you do not have a handbook, the oldest one available on the service.citroen site is 1/10/2007 but it may be good enough. In it for adjusting the time it says to press on the left hand button at the side of the clock to adjust the hours and the right button the minutes. For the date there are 2 alternative displays but both use menu buttons on the radio to make adjustments.

On the radio, use the Menu button A then arrow buttons B and the middle button C as follows, 

To adjust the date and the time: Press button A. Use B to select the icon “Personalisation-Configuration” then confirm your choice by pressing C. Select the display configuration with a press on B. Confirm your choice with a press on C. Select the adjustment for the date and the time, by pressing B, then confirm with a press on C. Press B to select the values you wish to modify. Confirm your choice with a press on C. Do your adjustments with B, then validate each adjustment choice with a press on C. Validate “OK” on the screen.

The handbooks can be seen/downloaded here but you may need to select your language by using the mouse over the French flag in the top right. https://service.citroen.com/ACddb/

We had a 2003 C3 1.4i SX petrol and the date/time kept resetting when starting the car. It was sorted by replacing the battery which was dropping to too low a voltage as the starter was being used. The replacement battery was a higher Ah than the original to also help prevent it happening.


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Thanks again Paul for good information and advice. From a man who has taken the bold choice to upgrade from the safe waters of no electronics BX"s(except distributor points) to Jet age microchips. Still "living in fear" of what else could go wrong! Peter K 

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