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Citroen C4 1.2 - 2016 - 0011 OBD fault code

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Hello everyone, 

i own a 2016 Citroen C4 1.2 turbo automatic transmission. 

the car had timing belt replaced on January as part of recall. 71500km

now since 74600km have engine light on & off sometimes also the service light comes on. 

OBD - says 0011 camshaft position over advanced. 

Tried changing oil and oil filter, also replaced VVT solenoid valve. 

Engine light came off for one day and then come back on. 

Any ideas what can be the problem?


Thanks for any ideas and help :)


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First guess would be the timing is not right, possibly the belt has jumped or was not put on right but then the problem would have been there all the time. The belt tensioner might have a fault, this would normally be replaced at the same time as the belt. I would take the car back to the dealer and get them to check it, with a bit of luck they will pay for the belt and tensioner replacing again.

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