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Hello to all.

I have just joined this forum as i am in need of some help from those who may know. I own a 2010 C1, and for the last few months i have had in intermittent fault with my left hand indicator. When i push to use it, the lights on the outside all work fine, the clicker sound it makes works fine, however the little light on the instrument cluster flickers and doesn't always work. The right hand light works fine, but the left hand doesn't, and it also flickers when i use the hazard switch.

I tried looking for help and troubleshooting via youtube and other websites, and the main issue that i kept findind talked about a known flaw that develops in the indicator arm control unit, so i bought a new one and have just replaced it. And the problem is still there. So i'm not exactly sure what those people were talking about as tbh.

I am currently at a loss for where to go next. As i said, everything else on the car works as it should, its just that little light and I am unsure whether or not it is an MOT failure as mine is due in a few months. Has anyone else experienced this issue before? Can anyone provide insight?

Thank you.

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