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C3 54 reg. 1.4i petrol pipe

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Citroen C3 "54 reg. 1.4 fuel injection petrol.

Car suddenly lost petrol, turned over but wouldn't start. Had been driving for 2 hrs prior to that and had filled the tank earlier. Went in a shop, came out 10 mins later, load of fuel under front of car.

Green Flag man immediately found that the fuel line had come loose, put it back in place, car started.

Advised me to fit cable ties to prevent it happening again and stated that me filling the tank earlier may have caused a build up of pressure in fuel line.

Does this make sense to anyone ? 

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I think it unlikely the design of the car does not allow it to be filled up with petrol. It could be the pipe may have deteriorated as well as its normal fastening clip (assuming it did have one). If it were me, I would be replacing the pipe with a new one. However, if the pipe looks in good condition then you might get away with just fitting a new clip on it from Citroen or any other car accessory shop such as in this link https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/petrol-pipe-clips-8-10mm-BAR260A but make sure you get the right size.

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Hi Paul, thanks for your response. I checked the fuel line today, looks in good nick. However, noticed it does not have a clip. So gonna follow your advice and purchase the clips. Still not sure how it actually came off in the first place as no-one has been under the bonnet or disturbed anything. Anyway, thanks again.

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Since I posted, I have seen a picture of the pipe where it joins the fuel rail at the engine end. The pipe looks to be plastic and has a fitting that clips on to the fuel rail, it does not have a metal clip (or any other clip) to hold the plastic pipe on to the fitting and relies on being pushed over ridges on the fitting when made in the factory - maybe they expand it and then it contracts to give a tight leak free join. For now I would try a fuel pipe clip and see how you get on but longer term I would look into replacing the complete pipe.

Bear in mind if it happens again the recovery company may not come out to the same fault if it has not been fixed. If petrol is squirted over the engine it could catch fire - your insurance might not cover any damage if it is due to a lack of maintenance. If it does happen again switch off the ignition so the petrol pump in the fuel tank stops working and stops pumping out petrol.

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