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Cracked plastic mask around fuel filler cap C3 '17

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Hi there, I've got a C3 '17.

I've noticed that cracks have formed in the mask around the fuel filler cap.

Unfortunately it looks like it's all one big piece, no replaceable parts like a gasket.

I couldn't find the part number or name.

Is this a an easy DIY fix or something for the dealer?



WhatsApp Image 2022-01-31 at 08.49.58.jpeg

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If you have a look under the car you should be able to see how the part is fastened in place. Then decide how easy it will be to replace it. It seems an odd thing to break, maybe a petrol filling nozzle has been resting on it and put it under stress or the petrol tank filling pipe has done this so a bit of checking is needed.

A look in the Haynes workshop manual for our C5 calls this part the filler flap assembly. To remove it from the C5 it says to remove the wheel arch liner, reach up inside the wheel arch to remove a fastening clip and to push it out from inside the wheel arch.

This link has a pictures of the assembly https://www.b-parts.com/en/store/products/6456266/fuel-flap-citroen-c3-iii-sx-12-vti-82-9812083080-9812916680-9812083180-9812916780-2016/

This ebay link for another includes the Citroen part number but the one for sale has cracked similar to yours, maybe it is a common problem. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352600057344

As an aside, your car is now 4 years old so make sure it had the 4 year bodywork check at a Citroen dealer in order to maintain the paint work warranty. At our dealer is costs about £30 and is worth doing, after 4 years it is then every 2 years. It has paid off twice for us on 2 separate C4s at 4 years old when the paint was bubbling on the bonnets. Citroen replaced both bonnets which could have cost us about £900 a time.

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Thanks Paul, I had the 4 yr check at Citroen already.
Yes, looking at the eBay link, it does seem to have the "crack" on the bottom at least, so it's either it has some sort of cutouts from factory to give way or that the eBay one is cracked too (thinking it's the latter as the first link doesn't have a crack/cutout). I will investigate and take another look and see if mine is actually cracked or not, hope it was just me panicking and the flap is fine, although the top crack does look uneven so maybe it's a real thing. 

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